Wooden Signs

Carving wooden signs is where I started and it was a great learning exercise in making precision cuts and also having patience too! Firstly I will trace or copy the wording onto the wood then using a series of tools and cuts I will relieve the letters with my mallet and chisel/gouge before staining in the lettering either black, white or gold before oiling. The wooden signs can be hand carved to order with a wide choice of timbers including Yew, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Larch, Chestnut and many more. These wooden signs are carved using only chisels and gouges, the traditional method with no routers used in the process. With a wide range of lettering styles available to us, customers are often given a list of options and then left up to the design themselves making the sign a special one off piece that will last a lifetime if treated annually. Wooden signs can be embellished with motifs or emblems carved in a relief form, or burnt into the sign using pyrography. This makes the wooden sign on your gate, garden wall or fence really stand out amongst those ones from the hardware store !! Please contact me for more information on prices and styles etc….

We now have a shop where you can buy already produced items and have them delivered to your door.

On site letter carving.

Lettering carved in memorial bridge.
Lettering carved in memorial bridge.

You can view my on site letter carving here.

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