Creating Sculpture is my favourite aspect of woodcarving be it abstract, stylised or realistic I just love watching the piece come together in front of my eyes, I tend to like working with large gouges when I am sculpting and rarely use mechanical tools or chainsaws although they can come in very handy on larger pieces when saving time is important. It often gives me a certain amount of freedom as a carver to do things the way I would like to do them rather than the way I have been asked to! Often starting in the “round” Its a real joy to see a sculpture come together after lots of planning, drawing, observing and plenty of  head scratching! Large sculpture is something I aim to do a lot more of for myself in years to come and when time will allow as i really want to study the human form in life-size proportions!  But for now I am open to making one off sculptures on a commission basis..pretty much anything you can think of, be it an anniversary gift, wedding present, Heirlooms or just to treat yourselves to something special, everybody needs a few sculptures in there home!! Please feel free to contact me if you have something in mind..