Wooden Memorials

Our wooden memorials are hand carved from locally sourced English oak that has great character! It has also been well seasoned over a period of years to give longevity to the piece. If kept well treated will last a lifetime. The process usually begins with some rough designs and a meeting with the customer if possible . Wooden memorials can be themed towards your loved ones hobbies, favourite animals or birds and places. Almost anything is possible to be carved in wood one way or another so its a process that should be thought through well with family members to make sure that your getting the best, most well suited memorial for your loved one. You can usually expect a 6-7 month waiting time on wooden memorials as demand is so high but this gives plenty of time to think about the small details. Its best not to rush these things anyways so we can make sure that you are getting exactly what you want for your loved one. Our wooden memorials are treated with natural oils and will last a lifetime if they are treated anually. Please contact me for more information on the design process/ style options or just to have a chat about what’s possible.