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Oak house sign
Book carving in progress.
Lettering carved in memorial bridge.
Carved book memorial with little owl.
Carved book memorial with little owl.
Oak memorial..
Oak memorial..
Mouse sculpture
Mouse sculpture


My name is Jon Leaf. I am a woodcarver and sculptor
based in Cromer, North Norfolk, with a background in carpentry and joinery.
Wood carvings have become a big interest and passion of mine, creating one off wood carvings, hand crafted pieces of history, be it a wooden memorial for a loved one with personalised themes and motifs or a sculpture as a gift or heirloom. I’ve dedicated myself to woodcarving now and try my very best to achieve the finer finish at all times .

Pheasant wood carving
Pheasant carved in oak
Wooden memorials are my focus primarily and living on the North Norfolk coast I am surrounded by inspiration from flora and fauna that keeps me on my toes thinking about what I might be asked to carve next. Woodland burial grounds offer a natural setting where every wooden memorial is personal to the family and loved ones, to be made in English oak that has been locally sourced and is treated with natural oils.
Hand carved wooden house signs made from a variety of woods are a speciality of mine and I try wherever possible to make each one slightly different to give you something special and one off, they will last forever if treated annually with natural oils. The wooden signs can be constructed in many ways to fit in any setting and fix to any surface so please feel free to get in touch if you are struggling for ideas or would like to commission a new hand carved wooden house sign or plaque.