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French Horn memorial

French Horn with Pyrography

Oak French Horn with pyrography notation.
Oak French Horn with pyrography notation.


This is definately the most complex memorial I have been asked to create so far. I was in a bit of a muddle at times but im very happy with the result, the pyrography musical notation around the rim of the plaque was a great idea and finishes the piece off nicely. Needless to say my customers were very happy.


Cut timber

Log Blog !! (Milling of Oak)..

Oak Plank
Oak Plank

I was given the oppertunity to purchase this large oak after it fell due to strong winds and Jamie Smith of  J.R.D Sawmills kindly brought his on -site mill and quickly turned it into some nice usable slabs !! Given the reccommended drying times for Oak to season properly i wont be carving it for a few years yet but its an investment i suppose but there is plenty of it so i wont run out in a hurry!



Oak Mouse front

Wooden Mouse


Im having fun carving this door wedge, the brief was simple..a mouse carved on a block of cheese to act as a door stop that people will notice..The process begins with a simple sketch to help me remember what it is im doing! then i will use a load of pictures of mice to help me understand the form and shape of the subject im carving…